Tattooed Drummer Felicity

What do you get when you mix one part drummer, one part yoga instructor, one part nude model? You get Felicity of course. Felicity hails for California and she is the total package. She’s a hard working model that has made quite a name for herself. When you can call yourself a drummer, yoga instructor and nude model you know you’re living life to the fullest. I think Felicity is the first drummer model that we’ve ever featured. Looking at the pictures below drumming definitely does a body good!

Felicity is a tall (we think), slender model with rock hard abs and an equally rock hard ass. As a yoga instructor and nutritionist she keeps her body looking damn good, and limber. Felicity doesn’t keep all her secrets to herself, if you’re looking to slim down and live your best life you can give her a ring and book some sessions. Getting back to her bod, she rounds out her looks with A+ boobs, long hair and a gorgeous face. We particular dig her blue eyes and cute grin.

Something else you might have noticed about Felicity is her affinity towards tattoos. Yup, she has tattoos throughout her body and they’re all well placed. She had two sleeves, a mix of tats going down her thighs and a dead month that spans her boobs. If we were to rate her tattoo taste we give her a 10. Lots of times you see people getting shitty tattoos that don’t go together and are all over the place. You can tell from Felicity’s collection that they’re well thought out and she definitely has an artistic side about her.

If you want to see more of Felicity and get to know her better be sure to check out her website and Twitter page. This babe is not just beauty, she’s a kick-ass drummer, yoga instructor and much more. We give her our hot girl stamp of approval, enjoy!

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