Kai Turner Likes Showing Off Her Boobs

When you’ve got it, you’ve got it, and Kai Turner has a lot of “it”. It being a whole lot of boobs. She’s packing a pair of 34DDD, that’s triple Ds! As you can see from the pics below she knows exactly what she’s working with. That smile on her face says, “i’ve got big beautiful, natural tits, and everyone loves them”. Well, we couldn’t agree more.

Kai Turner is an adult content creator and her content is straight fire. She may look innocent, but she has quite a naughty side. Kai’s content ranges from solo masturbation to boy/girl fun. For you boob lovers out there her amazing triple Ds are featured prominently in her photos and videos. She does amazing things with her boobs including oil play, bouncing and boob drops.

You may be asking yourself where Kai gets her looks? Kai has Jamaican roots and island girl looks. If you don’t know about island girls there’s a few traits they excel at, and that includes being flirty, fun and very adventurous (in a sexual way). If you’re digging what Kai Turner is bringing we suggest you head over to her fan sites and Twitter. We give Kai Turner, and her boobs, our hot girl stamp of approval.

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