Soul Snatcher Sabrina Night

Everyone has a look all their own and then there are some people that have a look that stands out, enter Sabrina Night. Sabrina has that look that screams soul snatcher. A soul snatcher is defined as a woman, usually a redhead, that has a heightened sexual aura about them that’s irresistible. I think that definition suits Sabrina Night quite well. I’m not sure if she’s a natural redhead, but her flame red hair she’s sporting certainly fits the definition of a soul snatcher. As you might have guessed Sabrina is an adult content creator. She’s a curvy model with curves in all the right places and has some amazing curves to accent her look.

Lets spend a few minutes gushing over Sabrina’s amazing body. As mentioned she has curves in all the right place, including a big rack and a healthy booty. Sabrina has 34F tits which put them in the more than a handful category. I’m not sure if they’re real or fake, she is Polish so there’s a good chance they’re real. We’ve said it many times on Hot Girl Index, Eastern European models have some of the biggest natural boobs on the planet. Even if they’re not real who gives a shit, they’re big, round and firm. To compliment her boobs, Sabrina has a perfectly shaped ass and killer hips. Lets just say Sabrina’s hips are not just fun to look at, they are used as handlebars in her videos. While Sabrina’s curves add to her soul snatcher persona, her face steals the show. She has a beautiful face and soul piercing eyes. When she gives you that subtle eye squint you know you’re in trouble!

To top of Sabrina’s look you can’t write about her without mentioning her eclectic mix of tattoos that span from her neck down to her feet. Her two stand-out tattoos include her neck and chest piece and the demon tattoo that covers her pelvic area and stomach. While the neck piece is amazing it’s just a tease before you see her completely naked and she reveals the demon tattoo. You get to see nice close-ups of the tattoo with a first person glance when she’s riding her partner in crime. It’s a sight to behold. Sabrina also has two sleeves and a bunch of other tattoos we’ll let you discover.

I think we made our case, Sabrina is definitely a soul snatcher. You can see more of her on her personal website, ManyVids and Twitter. If you’re looking for even more content from Sabrina Night, she also goes by the name Sabien DeMonia. We really love Sabrina Night’s uniqueness and we know you will as well.

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