Stephanie Love Machine

Do you love fit girls, with tattoos, piercings, blonde hair and all around bubbly personality? If you do you’re going to fall in love with Stephanie Love. Stephanie is a stripper, adult content creator and so much more. That’s why we’re calling Stephanie Love a love machine. Her personality is infectious and you can tell she thoroughly enjoys everything she does. With a body built for speed Stephanie is the perfect love machine. She has a six pack and is super tight all the way around. Her ass is so firm you could probably bounce a quarter off of it. It doesn’t stop there, she has amazing tits with both her nipples pierced. Oh yeah, and it doesn’t stop there, she has tattoos all over her body that you’ll definitely want to explore. Last, but not least the cherry on top is her pierced cherry (clit). She has it all going on. You can find Stephanie doing everything from being nude in public to XXX fun. Enjoy checking out all Stephanie Love has to offer on her Twitter page and Fan site. Enjoy!

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