Tattooed Bodybuilder Cleo Mercury

We have a weekend treat for you and her name is Cleo Mercury. Cleo Mercury hails from Kentucky and she has quite a unique look and persona about her. She’s a buff Korean model, covered in tattoos, and she has quite a naughty side to her.

The first thing you’ll notice when seeing Cleo Mercury is of course her pretty face. The next thing is probably her buff body. She’s a bodybuilder and it absolutely shows. She has a muscular physique with well defined and thick muscles. If you’re a fan of muscle babes, you were probably smiling the minute you saw Cleo Mercury. Her thick thighs and muscular arms are impressive. I’m not sure how much time she puts in at the gym, but whatever time she puts in clearly pays off. As a muscle babe she has one of the unique characteristics of a female bodybuilder, a big clit. If you’ve never seen a female bodybuilders clit it’s a sight to behold. Take a closer look at Cleo Mercury’s clit and you’ll see why.

Speaking of Cleo Mercury’s body parts, she’s a member of the itty bitty titty committee and she wears the badge proudly. While she has little boobs, her butt is anything but little. Her ass is round, muscular and extremely spankable. Cleo Mercury brings out her artistic side through her eclectic collection of tattoos. She has numerous tattoos spanning from a full sleave to chest piece and large piece on her leg. You could say she has an obsessions with tattoos, and we love it.

In addition to Cleo Mercury’s passion for bodybuilding, she’s also a rugby player, student and yes, an adult content creator. Cleo Mercury makes a range of content spanning from body worship, to outdoor nudity to full blow XXX with both boys, girls and multiples of each. She’s a very sexual woman and it comes out in all her videos.

We really love what Cleo Mercury brings to the table and we think you will as well. She’s a unique model and well worth following. You can find more of Cleo Mercury on her Twitter page and all her XXX content on her fan site. Enjoy!

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