Who Wants To Be Dominated By The Queen Bee

When you call yourself Queen Bee you’re not just selecting that name because it sounds cool, you’re most likely calling yourself that because you’re a strong, dominant female. Case in point, Queen Bee from Vegas. Queen Bee is an inked angel with a killer look and a very dominant side to her. I’m not typecasting, but when you look at Queen Bee there’s little doubt that she has that classic dominatrix look and feel to her.

Queen Bee has an eclectic mix of tattoos and piercings. Lets start with the most striking tattoo she has (in our opinion), the eyes on her chest. If we were to venture a guess the meaning of the tattoo, I would say it symbolizes that her soul has a personality all it’s own. Any other guesses from the crowd? Her other tattoos includes birds, butterflies, dragons and flowers. Not to be outdone by her tattoos are her piercings, everything from her nose to lip to her nipples. Queen Bee has the perfect canvas for all her tattoos and piercings, it all looks amazing on her.

We could go on and on as well about Queen Bee’s amazing and seductive body, but we’ll save you reading and let you experience it on your own. Where can I get in line to be dominated by Queen Bee, I’m ready to sign-up! You can find Queen Bee on Twitter and OnlyFans.

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