Moon Baby Eve Has A Nice Butt

Eve, otherwise known as Moon Baby, has a nice butt. Now I’m not sure if Eve calls herself Moon Baby because she likes the moon or if it’s because she has a nice butt and likes to “moon” everyone. I’m going with, because she likes to moon everyone. Eve’s butt is quite an awesome site to behold and she knows it. As you can see from Eve’s photos and videos her butt plays a prominent role in all her content. Not everyone is blessed with a big round booty, so if you’ve got it, flaunt it. Even though we’re kind of obsessed with Eve’s butt, that’s certainly not the only thing that turns us on about this hottie.

Eve has a spectacular set of big natural boobs that would make fake boobs jealous. They’re big, shaped perfectly and compliment her moon, I mean butt. Now that we’ve completely sold out and went right to talking about Eve’s amazing outfits, lets backup and not forget about that beautiful smile and long dark hair. Everything just goes together well into one sexy package.

Eve’s content involves everything from selfies to straight hardcore sex with her boyfriend. We love how Eve’s personality comes out in all her content. You can tell she’s having fun and loves turning on her loyal fans. We give this Moon Baby our hot girl stamp of approval. You can find more of Eve on Twitter and OnlyFans.

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