Red Head Hottie Lexi Barr

Well, we’re on a roll when it comes to red heads recently. We’ve featured a ton of red heads, and we love it. Now I’m not sure all the models have natural red hair, but we’re not judging. I’m pretty confident that Lexi Barr is coming in hot with natural red hair, or pretty damn close. Whatever the answer is, we’re totally crushing on Lexi Barr and her long red locks. She’s an absolutely gorgeous model and has a ton to offer.

Lets first start by saying again that Lexi Barr is absolutely gorgeous. She has a supermodel level face, complete with high eyebrows, defined cheek bones and perfect pucker lips. If you saw Lexi Barr out in public, full dressed, you would probably stop dead in your tracks and take a long stare at her beauty. Lucky for us, Lexi Barr is an adult content creator so we get the pleasure of seeing more of her, a lot more. As you would expect when the clothes come off it keeps getting better and better. Lexi Barr has a skinny frame with perfect little titties and a fantastic ass. She has a way of posing that just makes the face, tits and ass look like a piece of artwork, it’s really that amazing.

Lexi Barr may come across innocent looking, she’s anything but. She’s a kinky little girl that loves to create content for her fans. Her content consists of full nudity, girl/girl action, fetish content and more. Her photos and videos are awesome and well worth a look. We particularly like her outdoor nudity content, it’s hot!

Lexi Barr will pull you in with those soul snatching eyes and will have you coming back for more with her banging body. You can find her fan site here. You can also follow her on Twitter. She’s your red head dream girl come true. Enjoy!

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