Red Head Tattooed Badass Sirene Rouge

We’re super excited to feature the sexy red head tattooed badass, Sirene Rouge. We squeezed a lot of adjectives in there, and they’re all very true. Sirene Rouge hails from Canada where she lives her best alternative model life. Sirene Rouge is an all natural model with an eclectic mix of tattoos and a love for fetishes. To her credit she’s a Suicide Girl, photographer, cam girl and a pole dancer.

Sirene Rouge’s sexy and unique look has us drooling. She has a very seductive face and that long red hair has us thinking about all kinds of things we would like to do with it. She has natural curves with a great pair of boobs and a healthy butt to match. You can tell she keeps herself in shape, helping look her best in all the pics and videos she’s featured in. In addition to her natural beauty, she does have a few enhancements we can’t skip over, those being her tattoos and piercings.

Sirene Rouge’s tattoos span the length of her body, with her tatted areolas and pelvic girdle being the star of the show. Her areola tattoos are intricate and cover her areolas and then some. It’s quite a sight to behold. We actually have a blog post dedicated to inked areolas if that’s your thing, Not to be outdone by her tattoos are her piercings. Both her nipples are pierced as well as her hood, and more. The second picture below gives you a great shot of her piercings and they’re all so delicious!

If alternative models get your juices flowing we strongly suggest you make Sirene Rouge your next it girl. She aims to please with a big library of content, including solo masturbation to sex to kink to Cosplay, and more. You can find her fan page here and be sure to follow her on Twitter. She excels at what she does and we hope to see more of her on the site in the future. Enjoy!

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