Spicy Thoughts By Spicy Jayde

With the advent of social media, we get a much better look into the mind and thoughts of people. Some people use social media to spy on people, some people use it to share thoughts with the world and most people use it for both. Spicy Jayde has been known, from time to time, to share her thoughts on Twitter. Spicy Jayde’s comments aren’t your vanilla thoughts like, “I just ate pizza” or any of the other pointless comments people make. Oh no, Spicy Jayde’s thoughts are quite spicy. Just one example is a recent tweet stating “If I ever have a child, I will not be breastfeeding. Got my titties sucked Thursday and it’s now Sunday and my nipples are still sore.” My guess is that you don’t see that type of tweet from most people you follow, unless you’re like us and mainly follow spicy accounts. Now we’re not sure if the “Spicy” in Spicy Jayde gets her name from her spicy takes, but we’ll say it’s certainly part of the formula. The other part of the formula is her spicy looks.

Spicy Jayde is a petite little thing coming in at 5 feet, 2 inches, weighing in at 100 lbs. She has cute girl next door looks and perfect curves for her petite body. She has grade A little titties and a healthy booty. In fact her booty is probably even more healthy than you would expect for a girl her size. No complaining here, more healthy the better, great shape and probably that perfect little squeeze to it. Spicy Jayde also has a number of tattoos throughout, with the center piece being the snakes, sword and rose piece spanning underboob to underboob. She’s also pierced, but you’ll have to do your own exploring to find where those piercings are hidden.

Spicy Jayde and all her looks and spiciness come together in her content. She’s an adult content creator with some homegrown awesomeness. Her pics and videos are extra spicing, ranging from solo to boy/girl, girl/girl, all the way to orgies. Spicy Jayde likes to have a good time and it shows. She might be petite, but she knows how to take control and bang.

You can find links to all Spicy Jayde’s fan sites and social media here. If you’re looking for a little more spice in your life we suggest you add Spicy Jayde to your list. We give Spicy Jayde our Hot Girl Index stamp of approval.

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