Amber Rose Sexy Lingerie Model

Beautiful, stunning and jaw dropping are just a few words to describe Amber Rose. Amber is a redhead that does her best work in lingerie and in the nude. Amber’s long red hair, fair skin and super cute face all contribute to her super sexy look. We’re really loving how amazing she looks in all her pictures. She has a very professional demeanor to her and knows how to work a camera. She doesn’t only know how to work a camera, she knows how to work a camera, she’s a photographer.

Yes that’s right, Amber Rose works both sides of the camera. Just like Amber herself, she photographs some really awesome models. Amber’s work is really high quality and has a dreamy feel to it. Her imagery gives the feeling that you’ve just walked into a classic and classy scene with beautiful women posing in the nude. We’ve only seen a few of her professional shoots, and we want to see more, a lot more. She has a knack for picking the scenery and the model.

Getting back to Amber and her content, as we mentioned, her go to content is lingerie shoots. There’s something about a redhead that just makes lingerie look so damn sexy. It doesn’t matter what kind of lingerie it is, from bustiers to negligees. Amber Rose looks amazing in anything she puts on, and takes off. We give Amber Rose our hot girl stamp of approval. You’re going to love this redhead as much as we do. You can find more of Amber Rose and her photos and videos on her Twitter and OnlyFans page.

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