ShiOfficial Was Born on Valentine’s Day

I’ve always thought it was cool when someone I know was born on a holiday. From a selfish perspective it makes it super easy to remember that person’s birthday, especially since I’m terrible at remembering birthdays. I’ve always wondered what it was like for people who were born on Christmas. Do you get more presents, no presents or do people just scam you by giving you a Christmas/birthday present. I suppose if your birthday is on Valentine’s Day, like ShiOfficial, you get a whole lotta extra love. Seems like it’s a given that you’re going to get lucky, or at least use it as a selling point.

ShiOfficial hails from the UK, where you can see her locally on TV as a Studio 66 girl. She’s only 19 so I’m sure we’ll see a lot more of her in the future. You can see more of ShiOfficial on Twitter and OnlyFans.

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