Anal Size Queen Ksu Colt

What do you get when you mix an absolutely gorgeous model and an anal size lover? You get anal size queen Ksu Colt. She may look like your neighborhood hottie, but she’s hiding a hidden talent. Her hidden talent is shoving huge objects in her ass. We don’t mean just large objects, we’re talking objects that you couldn’t imagine fitting into a woman ass. Ksu Colt’s motto is the bigger the better and she lives by that motto every day.

Ksu Colt is a slender model hailing from Russia. She has long blonde hair, long legs and well enhanced tits and of course a perfect little ass. The first thing you notice when seeing Ksu Colt is her gorgeous face. If she wasn’t an anal size queen she could be a magazine or TV model with her looks alone. It’s when she starts to get undressed that all her sexiness comes out. Her slender body gives way to a large and very vibrant tattoo on her thigh. The coloring is so vibrant that it may even glow at night. The centerpiece of the tattoo is a topless anime girl with a floral pattern and nighttime scene surrounding the rest of the tattoo. If you’re a fan of tattoos it’s definitely worth exploring closer. We mentioned earlier that Ksu Colt has a perfect little ass, and that’s where the physiques question comes in.

With such a perfect little ass, how in the world can she shove large objects in her ass? Well, we’re not physicists, so we’re not going to answer the question, but whatever the answer we really don’t care. What we do care about is that she has the skills to make it happen and it’s awesome. As a cam girl and adult content creator she has a ton of pics and videos of herself placing objects in her butt. She also has content of others putting their entire fist in her butt. She’s great at doing it and she always has a smile on her face when taking a huge dildo in her ass.

Now you know why we call her the anal queen. Ksu Colt is an awesome model and is not to be missed. You can find links to all her social media, cam and fan sites here. If you like anal, you’re going to fall in love with Ksu Colt. She gets out Hot Girl stamp of approval, enjoy!

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