Sylvie Has A Pretty Face

When you have a face as gorgeous as Sylvie’s you have to take time to admire it. A lot of times when we feature models we jump straight to the body and then make our way up to the face, with Sylvie, we’re going straight to the top. Sylvie is a published model with the cutest smile and one sexy look about her. Sylvie’s other claims to fame include being a brand ambassador, cam girl and adult content creator.

Sylvie is a self-proclaimed sweet, bubbly and endearing model. When it comes to being a cam girl having those personality attributes is extremely important. Cam models are trying to keep the attention of thousands of visitors coming in and out of their page and you need to be able to keep them. What better to keep their attention then with an inviting personality. Sylvie can do it masterfully. In addition to a good personality is also helps to have a pretty face and banging body, she has both.

Sylvie rocks the all natural look with a nice pair of boobs, round booty and always tan skin. She tops off her look with a few well placed tattoos throughout. If you’re looking for a new hottie to obsess about go give Sylvie a look. You can find all her social media and fan sites here. Enjoy!

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