Muscle Babe Kortney Olson

What do you get when you mix muscle and beauty? You get Kortney Olson of course. Kortney pushes the boundaries about what the female body can accomplish and look like. She’s a bodybuilder that has rock-hard muscles and maintains a feminine softness about her. She can flawlessly go from squatting weight equal to a small car and then changing into a sexy little dress, all while looking damn good.

We think Kortney Olson is going to be famous for doing all sorts of great thinks in the bodybuilding world, but one thing she’s famous for now is smashing watermelons with her thighs. It only takes one look at her thighs to know those things are 100% pure muscle. She can literally take a watermelon and explode it with nothing put her thighs. Anyone looking for a juice maker? We found the worlds most perfect one!

When Kortney isn’t spending time getting in amazing shape, she’s coaching clients and giving workout tips and advice. You can find all Kortney has to offer on her website. We give Kortney our Hot Girl stamp of approval. This muscle woman has it all going on and we applaud her physique, she’s certainly doing something right. We suggest you start following her on her social media pages, you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy!

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