Fitness Babe and BBC Lover FitQOSChick

We have a new model for all you muscle and fitness fans out there and her name is FitQOSChick. FitQOSChick is a mature MILF that is letting her inner spicy side live free. She recently turned 40 and she’s arguably entering the best time of her life. Gym rat, fitness buff, MILF, mature model and BBC lover are all terms that FitQOSChick is honored to be named. Lets dive a little more into this fit hottie and start with her name.

Her name is FitQOSChick, which has two meanings. First and foremost it’s easy to spot the first and last part of her name, Fit Chick. As you can see from the pics below this mommy by day, sexual being by night (and sometimes day), keeps her body looking super tight. She’s slim/fit with some fantastic enhancements and you’ll be surprised if you can find an ounce of fat on her body. Squeezed in between Fit Chick is QOS. What is QOS you may ask, well, we’ll tell you. QOS stands for Queen of Spades, which refers to a married woman that loves BBC, big black cock. The bigger the cock the better. I don’t know if there’s irony in having QOS squeezed between Fit Chick, but like QOS, she likes it squeezed between her lips, in more than one way.

In addition to being a BBC fan, she’s a big cuckholdress. She enjoys knowing her other half is close by when she’s getting railed by other guys and her other half loves watching her get railed. Speaking of getting railed, lets get back to her body. With all the time she puts in at the gym it’s no wonder why she likes it fast and furious. Her body is built for speed and there’s just about nothing she can’t handle. She’s a strong woman both physically and emotionally and she loves what she does.

If we don’t have you wanting more of FitQOSChick by now, chances are you don’t have a pulse. She’s everything most guys and girls want, plus some. She’s an absolutely gorgeous model, with a pretty face, but when the clothes come off she turns into her BBC alter ego instantly. To find more of this MILF living her best life click here to see links to all her social media and fan sites. Her adult content is must see and she looks amazing no matter what position she’s being put in. Enjoy!

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