Sexy Twitch Streamer Paris Rain

We aim to feature hot girls across the globe, regardless of career. Today we’re happy to feature Paris Rain. Paris Rain is the first Twitch streamer we’ve featured, we think. I wouldn’t be surprised if we have other models on the site that have you used Twitch, but Paris Rain is definitely our first model that primarily creates content for Twitch. For those of you not familiar with Twitch, Twitch is a streaming service focused on video game live streaming, including broadcasts of esports competitions, in addition to offering music broadcasts, creative content, and “in real life” streams. Paris Rain fits in the “in real life” category.

Twitch does not allow adult content, but it does allow sexy models, case in point, Paris Rain. Paris Rain’s streams include a verity of topics including videogames, podcasts, dating shows, pool streams, baking and much more. If that isn’t a hodge podge of topics I don’t know what is. Who else can go from live streaming video games one day and then live stream in a pool the next. Paris Rain can and she does it all with her own style and usually not wearing much. I’m not sure what the Twitch policy is on dress code, but I’m guessing Paris Rain hangs out right on the edge of what’s acceptable. Whatever acceptable is, we can’t get enough watching her in her less is more attire.

If you’re curious how Paris Rain made her way to streaming, it all starts in Canada. Paris Rain was born, raised and still lives in Canada, Vancouver to be exact. She started her career as a nail artist before moving on to streaming. Even though she doesn’t do nails for a living anymore you can still find her doing her nails and the nails of her sexy friends on her stream.

If you want to see more of Paris Rain you can find links to all her social media and streaming sites here. I’m guessing there are tons of awesome models like Paris Rain hitting the Twitch airways, we need to start getting them on the blog. If you know other Twitch streamers hit us up. For now, it’s all about Paris Rain, our first sexy Twitch streamer.

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