Curvy Tattooed PAWG Barbi

Who doesn’t love a PAWG? We sure as hell do. Don’t know what a PAWG is, let us tell you. PAWG stands for Phat Ass White Girl. It’s a name reserved for women with big bubble shaped asses. We’re talking big ole juicy asses. The kind of asses that jiggle and ripple when getting banged from behind or stick out in public when wearing a dress. That’s the kind of ass reserved for the name PAWG and we have a gorgeous PAWG for you today, her name is Barbi.

Barbi lives in Florida where she flaunts her world class ass all over town. With the warm weather, it’s an ample opportunity to throw on booty shorts or just hang out in a string bikini. Barbi knows exactly what she’s working with so she takes advantage of the warm weather and her big booty all the time. While her ass is nice and phat, the rest of her body ain’t too shabby. She’s a curvy model with boobs to match her butt. She has really big boobs and each nipple pierced. She also has some great hips, the kind of hips that look amazing with a high waist swimsuit, as you can see below.

In addition to having an A+ body Barbi has some A+ tattoos. She’s a tattoo girl with tats pretty much all over her body. There are too many to go into detail about, but there are two we particularly love. The first is the huge Adam and Eve forbidden fruit image on her chest. Barbi put her own spin on classic biblical story. The biblical story is the ultimate story of sin and with Barbi being a “sinner” it only makes sense she has the scene represented on her chest. Barbi’s depiction is awesome with the serpent wrapping around her entire breast from the top, wrapped around the bottom and coming back on top. It’s quite a unique tattoo and s sight to behold. Now truth be told, we’re not exactly sure if the tat represents the garden of Eden, but that’s what we’re going with. We also love the giant month tattoo on her neck, with eyes on the wings. It’s big, it’s very detailed and it’s awesome. Barbi clearly knows what she likes when it comes to tattoos and she goes for it when she gets one. Bravo Barbi!

Now being a PAWG with an awesome body and tattoos the only question is, is she an adult content creator. The answer is a big YES. She has it all, artistic nudes, outdoor nudity, masturbation and of course sex with boy, girls and multiples of each. She’s not going to let that PAWG body of hers go to waste. Barbi has her body on full display and it looks amazing in all her photos and videos. If you’ve never seen a PAWG in action you’re in for a treat.

You can find more of Barbi and all her PAWG social media and fan sites here. We’re already big fans of Barbi and we know you will be as well. She’s a party girl and we love everything she’s doing. We give her our Hot Girl stamp of approval. We hope to see more, a lot more, of Barbi back on the site soon. Enjoy!

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