Fit and Firm Lora Cross

She’s fit, she’s firm and she can probably kick your ass, she’s model extraordinaire Lora Cross. Lora Cross may look tiny, but I guarantee you wouldn’t want to miss with her. She may be a little package, but she packs quite a bunch, both literally and figuratively. Lora is a wrestler, fitness fanatic and adult content creator.

Lora Cross is a star in the wrestling world, no we’re not talking about the WWE, we’re talking in the adult wrestling world. This is a fantastic world where models wrestler each other and lets just say sometimes there may be a nip slip or the entire wardrobe magically falls off, or better yet, gets ripped off. There are a ton of adult wrestling fans out there and if you haven’t seen this type of content Lora Cross’s pics and videos are a good starting point.

In addition to her wrestling content, she’s no stranger to creating XXX content with ranges from solo masturbation, to sex and a range of other taboos. Lora Cross does it all and she looks great doing it. When she’s not shooting content she’s spending time at the gym working on her rock hard body. She’s a muscle and fitness girl and as you can see from the pics below the work definitely pays off. She has the biceps, abs, firm legs and a solid ass. We give her major kudos as it take a lot of time and commitment to keeping a body looking that firm.

By now you’re probably dying to find out where you can see more of Lora Cross and all her content. You can find more of Lora on her Twitter page and multiple fan sites. We give Lora Cross our Hot Girl Index stamp of approval. Be sure to go check out the fit and firm Lora Cross. Enjoy!

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