Beauty and Brains Morgan Ray

Don’t be fooled by the looks, because Morgan Ray is both beauty and brains. She has an MBA in phycology and sex therapy and she’s an adult content creator. I don’t know what universities offer sex therapy as a Masters degree, but I sure as hell missed out. Who in their right mind would get a business degree in something boring like accounting or finance when you could get one in sex therapy. I’m sure those classes and the students must be an interesting mix.

Morgan Ray has some screen credit to her name as she appeared both in Gene Simmons show Family Jewels and helped star in an adult remake of the move Deep Throat. Yes, what you’re thinking is absolutely correct. In addition to her mainstream work she has a full library of adult films she’s starred in over the years, and they’re all fantastic.

Like fine wine Morgan Ray has only gotten better with age. Morgan has a slim build and keeps herself toned and tight. With a combination of the right genetics and some time at the gym she keeps her figure looking rock hard. She likes to keep herself toned to look her best for the camera. With her chilseled body, firm tits and firm ass she’s built for speed, mattress speed. In addition to her movies she also make a ton of personal content which spans from outdoor nudity to the XXX stuff. There’s a little bit of everything for everyone.

Morgan Ray is a 90’s star that still has the looks and performing power to keep things going. If you’re looking for that classic adult star look, with a chilsed body, and brains, we suggest you go check out her Twitter page and fan site. Enjoy!

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