Tampa Hot Girl Roxy Davidson

Gorgeous face, curvy body and olive skin, these are just some of the attributes to describe Roxy Davidson. Roxy Davidson is a stunner that hails from Tampa, FL. We’ve chronicled it before, but there sure are a lot of hot girl next door models living in Tampa. I guess it’s the sun, water and lifestyle that attracts so many hot girls.

Roxy Davidson is in her mid-20s and she’s living her best life. She has a banging body and great smile and she uses it all to create some killer content. She’s an adult content creator and she’s unapologetic about it. She knows what she’s working with and she loves showing herself to the rest of the world, and we’re definitely here for it, all of it.

Roxy Davidson has curves and I mean curves for days. She has perfectly shaped boobs that look great from every angle, side boob, under boob, it doesn’t matter. She has those classic teardrop boobs and they’re nice and full. She also has a booty that will give her boobs a run for their money. Her ass is big, juicy and round. While we gush over her curves everything else she’s working work is pretty damn awesome as well. As mentioned before she has a gorgeous face that brings a huge smile to our face. If we never say her body we would be super attracted to her by her face alone. Roxy Davidson is one pretty model!

You can find Roxy Davidson on Twitter and you can find links to all her sites here. She has some really great content you won’t want to miss. She has a bunch of solo pictures and videos and she also likes to make content with her hot girlfriends. If you want to get to know a Tampa hottie living their best life, we strongly suggest you start following Roxy Davidson, enjoy!

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