Everyone’s Favorite Naughty Asian Tomie

What happens when a straight A student turns to her naughty side? Why you get Tomie. Tomie’s backstory is the thing of legend. She was your typical student who was pushed by her parents to study all the time and excel in her academics. Little did they know she had a naughty side. All that pushing brought out her inner sexual beast and she did what every horny student would do, bang her fellow students, right? Nope, she went to straight to the top and banged a teacher. The video got out, she dropped out of school and now she’s a full time self-proclaimed naughty Asian slut.

Just because Tomie is now a Grade A slut doesn’t mean she’s not still super smart. She’s killing it on the adult content scene with her fan sites. Her content ranges from solo masturbation to boy-girl/girl-girl all the way to orgies and everything you can think of in-between. Lets just say the pictures you see below are as mild as she gets. Tomie is certainly a pleaser with her super cute face, infectious smile and curvy body. She has great natural tits, pierced nipples, healthy thighs and a big booty. All the making of a great sexworker.

In addition to being a sex princess Tomie is a big nerd. She loves cosplay, anime and playing video games on her spare time. I must say her cosplay is a sight to behold. She has some awesome cosplay content and she makes everything look good. If you’re into smart, nerdy and sexy Asian girls that like to have all their holes filled, you’re going to fall in love with Tomie. Be sure to check out her fan sites and you can also catch her on Twitter.

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