Mattress Actress Sawyer Cassidy

Skinny babe and mattress actress Sawyer Cassidy is here to put a big smile on your face. She hails from Miami, FL where she soaks in the sun and much more. When she’s not hanging at the beach or walking her dogs she’s probably in front of the camera making sweet love for the world to see.

Sawyer Cassidy is a professional mattress actress and shoots content for some of the biggest brands in the business. Her long and lanky body looks great when she’s performing. She can get into just about any position you can imagine and I bet you could shape her into a pretzel. With skinny arms and legs like Sawyer Cassidy’s the possibilities are endless, which of course makes for some awesome content. In addition to her skinny bod she has some pretty awesome all natural curves. Her tits fit her body well and they look great. She also has a tight little bum that looks amazing when she’s bent over taking a big one. We’re really digging Sawyer Cassidy’s look and vibes.

In addition to shooting for companies, Sawyer Cassidy also creates her own content. You can find links to all her social media and fan sites here. We think we’re going to see a lot more of Sawyer Cassidy. If you’re not following her we suggest you start following her ASAP. Enjoy!

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