Beauty and Brains Brianna Frost

Who ever said you can’t mix brains and beauty, certainly not us. In fact, some of the freakiest models out there are college educated, with many having advanced degrees. When you go to college you get an education on many topics, it’s not just academics. Let us introduce you to one of these highly educated beauties, Brianna Frost.

Brianna Frost has been in the modeling and adult industry ever since she was 18. She started her career camming and picked up modeling and adult content creation along the way. Throughout her modeling career she’s been featured on Playboy, MTV and even the Howard Stern show. In addition to her modeling career she’s a 4X bodybuilding bikini champion.

As you can see from the pictures below there’s no wonder that she’s won numerous championships, she keeps her body lean and fit. Brianna Frost has perky natural tits and an ass that’s build for speed. Her ass is tiny, round and tight. In fact you could probably bounce a quarter off her ass, it’s that good. While her body is top notch, her face is where it’s at. She has an absolutely gorgeous face with a chiseled jaw and long hair. Brianna Frost gets her unique looks due to her mixed ethnicity, African American, Native American and German.

Just like Brianna Frost’s A+ body and A+ education, her content is right on par. She brings it and gives you everything you could possibly want via her pictures and videos. You want solo modeling, you get it, you want solo masturbation, you get it, you want outdoor nudity, you get it, you want full blow sex, you get it, you even get anal action. She aims to please and please she does. We suggest you go follow her on Twitter and then sub to her on her fan site. We give this beauty and brains babe our Hot Girl stamp of approval.

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