Metal and Horror Babe Kitty Skittles

Horror Film fanatic, metal chick, cat lover, tattoo babe and so much more describe the lovely Kitty Skittles. She’s a multi-faceted model that literally wears her loves of her sleeve, and many other parts of her body. Kitty Skittles is a tattoo babe that lives her life like an open book. She’s comfortable in her own skin and she’s comfortable showing skin, from head to toe.

When you first see Kitty Skittles the first thing you’ll notice is her beautiful face, the next thing you’ll probably notice are her tattoos. She’s tattooed from head to toe and every spot in between. Each of the descriptors mentioned at the beginning of this article can be found on her body, you jus have to look. You could probably spend an entire day examining her tattoos. One of our favorite tattoos is the large and intrigued flower tattoo on her areola and nipple. We’ve seen a lot of areola tattoos, as documented in our areola post, but Kitty Skittles may have the best one we’ve ever seen. The detail, color, placement and design is impeccable. Bravo Kitty Skittles!

While you can get lost in all of Kitty Skittles tattoos, don’t forget the rest of what she’s working with. She has a great body with big boobs and a healthy butt. Lucky for us she’s an adult content creator and she uses all her looks to create some awesome photos and videos. Just like her descriptors, she has a long list of content on her menu. Kitty Skittles’ content includes everything from solo masturbation to anal play to XXX fun. She’s also into kink content and making all your kink dreams come true. Kitty Skittles is the type of girl that you can stay up all night with and watch horror movies, take to a metal concert or stay home and get down and dirty. She can probably even pull off doing all three in one day. She’s really up for whatever.

There’s a lot to like about Kitty Skittles and we love it all. You can find links to all her social media and fan sites here. If you’re looking for a model that has a little something different to offer from most, we suggest you get her a look. You won’t be disappointed, enjoy.

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