All American Model IPledgeAllegiance

We love the different names models take on, some are vanilla and some are quite unique. IPledgeAllegiance is one of the more unique names we’ve come across. While on the surface you might think IPledgeAllegiance is referencing the American flag, which she probably does pledge allegiance to, but that’s not how she got her name. She got her name because she pledges allegiance to her husbands woody. That’s right, you read that right, she pledges allegiance to her husbands dick. You need to get yourself a girl like IPledgeAllegiance if you don’t have one already.

IPledgeAllegiance is an adult content creator and her content is straight fire. IPledgeAllegiance has a fit body with great curves, her body is built for speed. She has perfectly shaped enhanced tits and an ass you can bounce a quarter off of. She’s a married model and that makes for great, and passionate, content with her husband. IPledgeAllegiance holds nothing back including a bunch of solo photos and videos and hardcore XXX with her other half.

IPledgeAllegiance lives in Florida where she prefers to hang out wearing nothing but a bikini or her birthday suit. With a fit body like IPledgeAllegiance’s you don’t spend all that time getting fit just to hide your body. She likes to show it off and we love it. One more attribute about IPledgeAllegiance we’re digging are her tattoos. She has an awesome back tat and her sleeve is A+ in quality and color. You can find more of IPledgeAllegiance on her fan sites and her Twitter page. Once you take a look at the pictures below you’re going to be pledging your allegiance to IPledgeAllegiance and all she has to offer. Enjoy!

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