Muscle Model Boobs and Biceps

The name says it all and the name is Boobs and Biceps. Forget about the cute name, Boobs and Biceps decided to use a description of herself as her name. Boobs and Biceps and all boobs and all biceps. She’s a faceless model, but with all the boobs and muscles she’s has more than enough to keep her fans happy.

Boobs and Biceps fits squarely into the bodybuilding category. As you can see from the pictures below her body is quite muscular and she certainly doesn’t have much fat. To get a body like Boobs and Biceps you definitely have to put time in at the gym and from the looks of things that time is paying off. She has rock hard shoulders and again, as the name suggests, her biceps aren’t too far behind.

Next are her spectacular boobs. She has some really big enhancements, to the tune of 34HH to be exact. For those of you not up on boob sizes that’s pretty damn big. They look even bigger on her slim muscular physique. When you start to get up to the double letter range there’s probably a good chance she plans on going even bigger in the future. Speaking of big, with all those muscles she has that classic muscle babe clit going. It’s big, protruding and it’s quite a sight to see.

Boobs and Biceps is an adult content creator and she loves to show off her muscular body for all her fans to see. You can find her on Twitter and her fan site. If you like muscle models with big boobs you’re going to love Boobs and Biceps, enjoy!

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