Tattooed Fitness Babe Chantelle Fox

We made it to Friday, yay! To wrap up the week we’re featured tattooed fitness babe Chantelle Fox. Some of you that are familiar with Chantelle Fox’s background are probably wondering why we’re leading with fitness babe and not adult film star. While Chantelle Fox certainly has spent time in the adult film space, and yes she’s an adult content creator, she’s grown into much more than just an adult film star. But don’t worry, she’s still making that completely filthy content you like from Chantelle Fox, all while focusing on her fitness passion.

Chantelle Fox enjoys hitting the gym and makes sure she gets to the gym as often as possible. As you can see from the pictures below the gym is certainly doing a business good. Chantelle Fox has a fit physique while still retaining those curves that we all love. Looking over her body there’s not much fat, if any at all, to find. Her body is tight and is built for speed. Chantelle Fox has a gorgeous face with a well defined jaw line and a pair of tits and ass that complete her look.

In addition to her awesome physique, Chantelle Fox also prides herself on being a tattoo model. She has tattoos from head to toe, literally, and there’s no shortage of tattoos to explore. If you’re a fan of tattooed models you’re going to love spending time exploring her ink, she has quite a lot of A+ tattoos. We particularly like her neck tattoos and her large chest piece.

As mentioned Chantelle Fox is still making that R and XXX content we’ve all come to love. You can find links to all her social media and fan sites here. Chantelle Fox keeps it real and for that we give her our Hot Girl stamp of approval. Enjoy!

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