Italian Muscle Babe Blondie Lois

Looking for a girl with both muscles and beauty? We have the model for you, here name is Blondie Lois and she’s one smoking hot muscle babe. We’ve recently featured a number of muscle babes on the site and we’re super excited to feature Blondie Lois.

Blondie Lois hails from the great country of Italy, where she puts in the time at the gym to help sculpt her body. If you’ve ever been to Italy you know the food there is top notch and it involves lots of pasta or as they say in the fitness world, carbs! All those carbs don’t appear to be effecting Blondie Lois very much. She has a rock hard body and some killer (muscular) curves. We’re particularly crushing on her shoulder muscles and her biceps. They both have great definition! The rest of her body is pretty amazing as well. She’s well defined from her chest down to her legs, with a six pack in between. While her body is a sight to behold her pretty face will have you hooked.

As the name suggests she has blonde hair, a slim face and strong, but feminine look about her. In fact, when she’s fully clothed you might not even know behind that pretty face is a rock hard muscle girl, unless she’s wearing form fitting clothes of course. In addition to the pretty face and hot bod, she also has a few well placed tattoos on her body, completing her look.

We really are digging this Italian muscle babe and we know you will as well. Lucky for the world she’s an adult content creator with a bunch of R and XXX pictures and videos. Blondie Lois has that sexy posed nude content as well as the hardcore boy/girl stuff. You can find links to her social media and fan sites here. We see more features of Blondie Lois in the future so stop back by. Enjoy!

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