Japanese Cuban Bombshell Willow Lansky

We’re starting the week off right with the stunning Willow Lansky. Willow is a model with both a unique look and quite a soft side for fetish content. If we asked you what ethnicity Willow is, what would you guess? If you guessed a mix of Japanese and Cuban you would be right! We’ve featured our fair share of models with mixed ethnicities, but I think Willow Lansky is the first Japanese/Cuban model. She certainly has the best qualities of both ethnicities going for her.

Willow has long dark hair, Anime like eyes and perfect olive skin. We’re certainly not going to go into details about which features we think come from her Japanese vs. Cuban side, but whatever they are, they all mix together perfectly. Willow is a slim and fit model with a ton of natural beauty and some nice enhancements thrown in to complete her look. As you can see from the pics below she has both a fun and sultry side to her. She can be playful and goofy or she can stare you down with those eyes and stone faced face.

Willow Lansky is an adult content creator, specializing in fetish content. Just some of her fetish content involves being tied up, smoking, public nudity, topless food reviews and more. She loves fetish content so much that she even takes requests. If you can think of it, Willow Lansky can make it happen for you. You can find links to all her sites on her personal website willowlansky.com. If you’re looking for a smoking hot model with a ton to offer we suggest you starting following Willow, you wont be disappointed.

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