Anal Princess Gia Derza

There are those models that do anal and there are those models that fall into the Anal Princess category, Gia Derza fits into the Anal Princess category. She’s an adult film star that absolutely loves anal and has a knack for fitting large objects in her butt. The phrase “the bigger the better” describes her love for anal perfectly and that phrase alone tells you all you need to know about this beauty.

Gia Derza lives in Los Angeles, where she does her best work. Gia Derza is a little thing with an amazingly juicy ass, which makes it even that more amazing what she can do with her ass. She has the ability take everything from a butt plug, to a dick, to large objects and best of all she can even fist her own ass. Yes you read that right, she has the unique ability to fist her own ass. She can even fist her own ass while ridding a dude. It’s a draw dropping thing to watch and it’s as good as it sounds. While she likes to take big objects in her butt, she’s more than happy to take big objects in all other parts of her body as well. She’s an Anal Princess AND a size queen.

Gia Derza pics and videos are focused on her anal goodness, but she also has a lot of other content to offer as well. She enjoys sex with both men and women and she has a ton of masturbation content. The things she does with her little booty hole during her solo videos is must see, especially for you anal fans out there.

If you’re a fan of anal content Gia Derza is your girl. When we first saw that she calls herself the Anal Princess we were skeptical, but after doing the research and seeing her pics and videos, we’re not believers. She has a kink for anal and lets just say you can see every inch of her inner workings, without using special medical tools. She brings anal gaping to the next level. You can find links to her social media and fan sites here. Enjoy what Gia Derza has to offer, because it’s as good as anal content gets.

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