Model of the Day: Lisa Bukawski

Today’s model of the day is the sexy and busty Lisa Bukawski. Lisa hails from Hungary, the land of big boobs. Now I’m not sure that Hungary has officially declared that they’re the land of big boobs, however there are a ton of big boob models from Hungary. Maybe it’s something in the water or maybe it’s due to the cold weather that makes the bosoms’ extra full. Whatever it is, there’s no complaining here. Lisa is no exception to the (non-scientific) rule, she has all natural 95G boobs, yes you read that right, 95Gs. When we first discovered Lisa the first thing that came to mind was her distinctive look. With her short jet black hair, big red lips and sultry look, you might think she came straight from a James Bond movie. You know the typical James Bond girl, smart, witty, gorgeous and a complete badass. Lisa has it all going for her. If models with big boobs that look like they’ve straight out of a James Bond movie is your thing, we encourage you to check out Lisa Bukawski. You can see more of her, a lot more of her, on Twitter and OnlyFans.

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