Rebecca Fox Is Your Tattooed Goddess

There are bad girls and then there are bad ass girls. Tattooed goddess Rebecca Fox falls into the latter category. Rebecca is a sexy, no apologies, content creator. She has tattoos from head to toe, literally, and they look great on her amazing canvas. Rebecca certainly isn’t the first model to have tattoos on her face and neck, but lets be honest, there are a lot of people that even with best intentions have bad tattoos. That’s just not the case with Rebecca.

Lets take a closer look at Rebecca’s tattoos. It all starts with the large rose (hope we’re getting the flower right) on either side of her neck. The roses are big, bold and colorful. Her next striking tattoo is the black widow tattoo on her torso. It’s big, beautiful and bad ass. Having a black widow tattoo is a power move and has so many different meanings. All you need to know is black widow spiders are considered the most venomous in the world. Next are the tattoos up and down both her legs, everything from a koi fish to an eagle and everything in between. Rebecca has a ton of other tattoos, we’ll let you have fun finding them, as a hint, she has them all over.

Other fun facts about Rebecca include her love for cats and sometimes she guest DJs. As we mentioned in the beginning Rebecca is an adult content creator. You can see her in and out of clothes on Twitter and OnlyFans. On both sites she goes by her alter ego foxillaaa. I’m not sure where she got the name, but maybe she can enlighten us in the comments section. If you like super sexy tattooed goddesses you’re going to fall in love with Rebecca Fox.

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