Tiny Model Mimi Fox

Good morning world and happy Monday, start your week off right with tiny model Mimi Fox. Mimi Fox uses a lot of terms to describe herself and we love them all. Some of the terms include goth faerie slut, MILF and squirt princess. There’s a lot to unpack there and we’ll attend to give a brief overview of each.

Goth faerie slut. I’m not exactly sure what a faerie is, I’m assuming it’s a fairy, but I could be wrong. Looking at the pics below she has a fairy like look to her, so I’m assuming that’s what she meant. Goth is a term to describe a subculture that listens to punk music and dress in black. Slut, well, if you’re a fan of our blog you know what that means already. Put it all together, Goth Fairy Slut, mix it around a bit and then outcome is Mimi Fox.

Next is MILF, yup, Mother I’d Like to Fuck. We’ve described the term MILF on Hot Girl Index plenty of times so no need to re-explain ourselves here, simply do a search for the term MILF. I agree, she certainly is a MILF.

Lastly, squirt princess. Mimi Fox is into watersports and loves to show her adoring fans and partners with all her love juice. She’s a model that squirts and does a whole lot of squirting. You don’t get the name squirt princess by having a mild orgasm or two. Her orgasms are bed soakers.

If all this talk about being a slut, MILF and squirter has your juices flowing we suggest you go check out Mimi Fox on her fan sites and Twitter. Mimi Fox has an awesome body and look about her not to be missed. Her content includes everything from solo squirting to XXX with both boys and girls. Nothing is off limits for Mimi Fox and that’s just the way we like it. Enjoy!

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