Notorious Miss Torii in Leopard Print Cosplay

We featured Torii back in August and she’s back with some new content to share. When Torri reached out to us we couldn’t say no. We’re really digging her content so of course we had to say yes. This time around Torii is showing off her latest Cosplay creation, sexy leopard woman. In this set Torii is scantily dressed in a leopard print top, matching bikini and stockings. As only Torii can do, she makes is all look super sexy. For those Torri fans out there some of her best physical assets are featured, including her juicy booty and big boobs. She gives us a little tease of her undressing from the outfit in one of the pics below, see if you can find which one. To see the rest of the set of Torii both in and out of this leopard print cosplay outfit, check out her fan site. It’s must see!

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