Mattress Actress Alexxa Vice

Lets start off the week right with mattress actress Alexxa Vice. Alexxa Vice is a curvy adult film start who hails from England. Alexxa Vice is a pornstar and adult content creator. She’s stared in multiple adult movies and she’s won numerous awards for her work in front of the camera. There’s little that’s off limits for Alexxa Vice. In fact I don’t think there’s anything that’s off limits. She loves sex and she loves to have it with herself, guys, girls and multiples of both. With a body like Alexxa Vice’s it’s like she was born for this work. She’s tall, with an hour-glass shape, including big tits and a big, perfectly round ass. For those of you who love a woman with a big round ass Alexxa Vice may be your new favorite model. Alexxa Vice has that kind of ass that swallows thongs. It’s unbelievably juicy and round. It’s simply a thing of amazement.

To round out Alexxa Vice’s look we have to mention her tattoos. She’s has eclectic and vibrant mis of tattoos from head to toe. We say vibrant because her tattoos have a lot of color that make them pop. Our favorite tattoos are the heart with wings in her pelvic region, the two birds above her tits and the giant bird tattoo on her hip and rib cage. I’m guessing she endured a lot of pain for that tattoo, but as you can see it was worth the pain.

We’re really digging this English babe and after reading this article I’m guessing you are as well. She’s an award winning mattress actress and after you see her XXX content you’ll know why. She puts her all into her pics and videos and it shows. To see more of Alexxa Vice head over to her fan page and give her a follow on Twitter. It will probably be the best thing you do all day. Enjoy!

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