Model of the Day: Bikini Barista Jaylee Davis

Today’s model of the day is the inked bikini barista, Jaylee Davis. Jaylee hails from the great state of Washington where she whips up the greatest cup of coffee you’ve ever had. Jaylee has a killer look with dark eyebrows and “come and get it” eyes. Come and get it meaning coffee, what did you think I meant you sick bastards! To complement Jaylee’s stunning looks, she also has a banging body to match. Her barely there “business casual” attire shows off her tits and bubble booty. You might even catch a glimpse of her pierced nipples if you look hard enough in the pics below. To top it all off, Jaylee uses her flawless canvas for a bunch of killer tattoos from head to toe. If you’re looking to get a little excitement out of your normal quarantined day, head on over and start the day right with your favorite caffeinated beverage made by Jaylee, and consider yourself lucky! Most people around the country and the world, don’t have access to bikini barista stands in their neighborhood. To see more of Jaylee Davis and her work antics, check her out on Twitter.

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