Barbie Naked on the Beach

Who hasn’t dreamed of coming across someone nude on the beach or walking into a scene out of the movie Splash. You know the movie Splash, starring Tom Hanks, where he finds Daryl Hannah, a mermaid, walking around nude. Enter Barbie, the nudist housewife that wouldn’t mind one bit you catching her nude in public. There’s not a beach on this planet that Barbie wouldn’t strip down naked and walk around free from all worries. I mean who knows, maybe Barbie is a mermaid. Barbie has killer sun kissed skin and an amazing body. She’s super fit, has great tits and an amazing ass. If you ever get a glimpse of this beauty in the wild consider yourself very lucky. If you find her walking out of the water in nothing but her birthday suit, you might just have had an encounter with a true mermaid. You can find more of Barbie and her nudist adventures on Twitter.

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