Inked Angel and Horror Enthusiast Spooky Carli

Elvira can eat her heart out because there’s a new mistress of the dark, Spooky Carli. Spooky Carli is a curvy model that has a love for tattoos and horror movies. She’s a horror enthusiast and it comes out in her look, style and content. Spooky Carli is genuine and unique, which is a good thing. She has a good thing going and it comes natural to her, which we love.

Just like Elvira, Spooky Carli has cleavage that goes for days. She has massive boobs and they look amazing in a corset or hanging out freely. Spooky Carli’s boobs are just amazing, they’re spectacular. They’re big, round and they’re the perfect size for her body. If you’re a boob fan you’re going to love Spooky Carli’s boobs. While the focus can easily be on her boobs, you can’t overlook her cute smile and dimples. Even though she’s a mistress of the dark, she does it in a playful and bubbly way. When she gives you that smile and eyes, you’ll be hooked!

Spooky Carli is more than just a pretty face with A+ tits, she has a number of tattoos that round out the package. She pays homage to the horror movie genre with tattoos throughout her body. We’ll let you find those tattoos. Here’s a hint to get you started, see if you can find the redrum tattoo on her hand. Now what other tattoos did you discover?

Good thing for all of us, Spooky Carli is an adult content creator and she makes some really great photos and videos. You can find everything from solo content to boy/girl content. Her content also involves a lot of bondage and nipple play. We’re really digging Spooky Carli and we know you will as well. You can find more of her on Twitter and OnlyFans. All hail the new mistress of the dark, Spooky Carli.

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