Lewd Cosplay Queen That Lewd Bitch

When it comes to cosplay we love all forms of cosplay, some of our favorite is lewd cosplay. Lewd cosplay is a type of cosplay that’s very suggestive, and teeters on almost nude to some form of nudity. Think of your favorite super heroes, mythical creatures, etc in sexually suggestive poses in and out of their outfits. That Lewd Bitch plays on the side of artful nudity, and it’s amazing and very sexy.

That Lewd Bitch, yes that’s the name she goes by, does some amazing softcore cosplay. Her body is curvy and built for all her great looks. She has big boobs and a perfect booty. Both are featured prominently in her photos and videos and why wouldn’t they be. Some of our favorite recent content shoots involve That Lewd Bitch wearing a candy bikini and dressed as a naughty devil. We particularly like the candy bikini shoot. I mean who doesn’t love seeing a hot model wearing nothing but a candy bikini. They’re perfect in so many ways. Yes, you see some nip action and yes the video will make you want to eat every bit of candy off of her. I’m not sure who invented the candy bikini, but I give that kinky person major props.

That Lewd Bitch makes a ton of content and that’s good news for you and her fans. The large majority of her content is solo, and her significant other makes an appearance from time to time. The star of the show is still her solo content. Her cosplay is awesome, sexy and lewd. You can find more of That Lewd Bitch on Twitter and OnlyFans. Enjoy!

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