Model of the Day: Katie Lin

Today’s model of the day is everyone’s favorite petite Asian swinger, Katie Lin. There must be something in the water down in Florida that turns seemingly innocent women into sex crazed swingers. Maybe it’s not the water, maybe it’s the sun and beach lifestyle. Whatever it is, no complaints here. We strongly believe everyone should be able to live their life and if that means having sex with other couples, we fully support you. Katie Lin is definitely living her best life. She’s petite, fit and has great curves. Her smile and inviting eyes are the topping on the Katie Lin sundae. The pictures below are about a PG as they get for Katie. If you want to see more of Katie Lin, and I mean a lot more, check out her swinger adventures on Twitter and OnlyFans. We salute this hot girl and her bubbly personality. Enjoy!

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