Inna Innaki is a Greek Goddess

We could simply write Inna Innaki is a Greek goddess and just stop there. She has the looks and curves that want you coming back for more. Quick Greek mythology lessons, there are almost 100 different Greek Goddesses. If we were forced to pick which Greek Goddess Inna was aligned to we would have to go with Aphrodite, the Goddess of love and beauty. Random fun fact, there’s a goddess named Nike, goddess of victory. You think that’s maybe where the company got its name? OK, enough about Greek mythology, lets get back to Inna Innaki. Inna is an adult film actress and a boss, CEO of She has a super sultry look and a body to match. She might look innocent, but behind those eyes is a wild side. Inna gets our hot girl stamp of approval. You can find more of Inna Innaki in all sorts of compromising positions on Twitter and her website, Are you worthy?

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