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Last week we ran across a new crypto dapp (decentralized app) called markets itself as “the marketplace for you friends”. At its base, it’s a platform for chatting with people. However it’s much more than just chat, it’s an opportunity to sell shares of yourself. Think of yourself as a business and this is an app where others can buy shares of YOU. The more shares people purchase, the more your value will rise and the more you’ll earn.

How Do I Earn
There are two ways to earn money. The first is to purchase shares from other people and sell the shares when the value goes up. The second is to earn fees when people buy AND sell shares of YOU. That means you earn 5% of the sell value and 5% of the buy value. The more people that buy your shares the more the value and cost of the shares go up with each purchase. Some users are earning over $1,000 per day (of course results vary widely).

How To Sign-Up
Friend.Tech is an app, so the first thing you’ll need to do is visit on a mobile phone (Android or Apple). This page will give you instructions for copying their app onto your phone. To avoid the app stores taking a cut of your earnings, you’ll download the app directly from the site onto to your phone and install.

  • You will need an invite code from a friend or other user to get started. We have several to giveaway and you can often find others giving them away on Twitter.
  • Once you sign up with the code, you will need to link your Twitter account. Friend.Tech receives permissions to your Twitter account as a result, which we would recommend revoking in your Twitter Settings.
    • Note: We did have problems at this step, to fix the problem we had to force stop the Twitter app and then try to login again
  • The last step is to fund your Friend.Tech wallet with some ETH. They require you to deposit at least 0.01 ETH ($20) and the funds must be transferred from a web3 wallet (MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet) on Base’s blockchain.
    • Note: if you’ve never purchased crypto or don’t have a crypto wallet you can find instructions here. It’s a bit complicated, but as they say, the best things in life come with some effort.

This is a brand new app, only released in beta and released just a couple weeks ago. There are likely to be bugs and much is still not known about how the app was developed and the security behind the technology. Of course with any investment you can also lose money. If you buy shares of other people those shares can go down in value and you lose. Proceed with caution. Note: this is not financial advise.

Our Take is a great way to get your feet wet in the crypto space and a great way to start earning a passive income quickly. With any new technology fortune favors those who get in first so don’t wait too long. We think this is just the start of what selling platforms will evolve into. Not just a platform for renting your content, but an actual way for your fans to invest in you and also earn money for their support. Hopefully will add additional features including photos and video upload. At this point, group chat is the only feature.

We have several strategies, as a sexworker, to combine, your social media fans and of course your selling platforms. Tips and tricks will be sent to our featured models. If you’re a model and would like to receive our tips and tricks hit us up on X (@hotgirlindex).

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