Will Twitter Allow Sexworks To Use Their Subscription Service?

In case you haven’t heard, earlier this year Twitter implemented subscription services for “content creators”. Curiously, it doesn’t appear that Twitter is considering sexworker content creators in-scope for the new service. We’re yet to identify a model that has had their subscription application approved. Now lets never say never, but at this time it appears sexworkers are yet to be approved. Lets dive into the terms a little further to see if there are terms that prohibit sexworkers from offering subscriptions.

On the Twitter subscription service page there’s a blurb about subscriptions….

“Subscriptions are a way for people’s most engaged followers to help them earn money from Twitter for their contributions on the platform. When someone has a Subscription offering, their followers can sign up to access bonus Tweets created especially for them. Subscribers receive badges on their replies to the person they’ve Subscribed to, letting them stand out in the conversation.”

There doesn’t appear to be any restrictions in the blurb, but lets look further into the eligibility requirements…

“You are 18 years of age or older.
– You have a complete profile with an account name, a bio, a profile picture, and a header image.
– You have a verified email address. Learn how to verify your email address.
– You have secured your account by enabling two-factor authentication. Learn how to enable two-factor authentication.
– You do not have a history of repeatedly violating the Twitter user agreement or Twitter’s Content monetization standards.
– You have not previously been removed as an advertiser on Twitter for violations of our Ads policies or as a publisher on Twitter for violations of our brand safety policies.
– Your profile does not feature the identity of another person, brand, or organization, nor does it use a fake identity that is intended to deceive others. Profiles that feature animals or fictional characters are ineligible, unless directly affiliated with your brand or organization. Parody and fan accounts are not eligible for Subscriptions.
– Your account is not a state-affiliated media account.
– You have a Twitter account that has been active for 3 months or more.
– You maintain 10,000 active followers or more.
– You have posted 25 Tweets in the past 30 days.
– Subscriptions is currently only open to U.S. creators. Twitter prohibits individuals and entities from using Subscriptions in violation of applicable laws, regulations, and/or the Subscriptions creator terms.”

If you look into the eligibility requirements there doesn’t appear to be any restrictions that restrict sexworkers or sexworkers content. BUT, you need to consider looking around as there are numerous links that Twitter references. Once of those links on the bullets above is Twitter’s Content Monetization Standards. When you click the link and scroll down you’ll find the following section:

6. Adult or sexually suggestive content: you must not monetize pornography, or content depicting sex toys, nudity or implied sexual acts.

Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis for academic, educational or otherwise non-pornographic content pertaining to sex. For example, content about contraceptives or educational content pertaining to dating and marriage may be permitted.

So there you have, with Section 6, all sexworkers are pretty much prohibited from selling subscriptions through Twitter. However, you may be thinking, well, maybe I can get approved and then start posting sexually suggestive content. Well, not so fast, Twitter has thought this through as well and notes:

If you are initially accepted but later Twitter finds that you do not meet eligibility requirements, we may pause or revoke your ability to participate.

From our perspective the answer to, will/can sexworkers get approved to us subscription services, the answer is maybe. If you’re a content creator that doesn’t post sexually explicit content you may have a shot. If you post any nudity on your Twitter page, definitely not.

It will be interesting as time goes on to see how Twitter enforces their policies and to see if any sexworkers get approved to use subscription services. If a sexworker is approved, it may be the blueprint for how other sexworkers take advantage of the subscription service, while not getting their account revoked.

Would love to hear what you think, leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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