Hex Hypoxia Lewd Fantasy Model

Since it’s #CosplaySunday here at Hot Girl Index we thought what better model to feature then Hex Hypoxia. Hex Hypoxia is a lewd cosplay model that specializes in fantasy characters. Her fantasy characters range from vampire vixen to sexy pixie, and everything in between. She also dabbles in more main stream characters including Harley Quinn and Cruella Deville. When she’s not creating lewd cosplay content she’s making even more content with fetish, bondage and latex themes. Hex Hypoxia’s repertories of content making her very unique.

Being a lewd model means that yes, Hex Hypoxia gets naked in her photos and videos. If that gets you super excited, it should! There’s cosplay and then there’s lewd cosplay, the difference is nudity. We love PG cosplay, but you can’t beat lewd cosplay. I mean who doesn’t fantasize about their favorite female characters getting naked or flashing some extra skin. Hex Hypoxia makes your dreams come true and so much more. She’s shows it all and doesn’t it in an artistic way. Oh, did we mention that she creates her own costumes. That’s right, she’s not only a talented model, she’s also a talented costume maker. We’re really digging what Hex Hypoxia is doing. Keep up the great work! You can see more of Hex Hypoxia and her lewd content on Twitter and OnlyFans.

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