Model of the Day: Mordor Eva

Today’s Model of the Day is the stunner Mordor Eva. Mordor, we’re guessing, must be a big Lord of the Rings fan. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Lord of the Rings (and I hope there aren’t many of you), Mordor is the home of Sauron (the bad guy). Now I’m not saying Mordor Eva is a bad girl, but looking at the pictures below, she probably is. She does have the word “ANGEL” tattooed between her tits, so we could be wrong. Anyways, we’ll let you be the judge. What we do know is she has the lips and eyebrows of a vixen. If those aren’t enough for you to fall in love with Mordor Eva, make sure to check out the rest of the package because it’s a good one! You can find more of Mordor on Twitter and her various selling platforms.

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