Filthy British Babe Holly Hart

Filthy is not a term we throw around lightly on Hot Girl Index, but we’re going to use it when talking about British babe Holly Hart. Holly Hart is one filthy mattress actress and she wants the world to know she’s one filthy girl. She’s a dirty minded girl that has a head full of nasty and naughty thoughts, all of the time. In fact when looking through her social media and fan site the word filthy keeps coming up time and time again. So why does she call herself filthy?

Holly Hart is an adult content creator with a potty mouth and a need for sex. Her content ranges from solo masturbation to boy/girl, to threesomes. She even dapples in the fine art of anal. That’s not the reason she calls herself filthy, but hey, it certainly lends itself to the term. Holly’s videos are shot in 4K, which makes the images crystal clear and gives you the feeling like you’re standing in the same room where the content is being filmed. Which form any of you would probably be a dream come true!

Even though Holly is one filthy girl, she possesses those girl next door looks. If you saw her at the store you probably would think to yourself, that’s a nice girl, probably has a 9-5 job and not think anything more of her. Don’t fool yourself, under all those clothes is a body that’s built for shagging. Holly has natural curves that she puts to good use. She has perfect natural tits and a nice booty, which shines in her anal scenes. She really does have the girl next door look going for her and hope she never changes, we love it.

You can find the filthy British babe and all her XXX content on her fan site and you can follow her on Twitter. If you’re into good girls gone filthy, Holly Hart is your girl, enjoy!

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