Slutty Bartender Molly Bloom Loves Tips

We’ve all been to a bar and we’ve all gushed over a hot bartender. I would even venture to guess you’ve tried to pick up said bartender on more then one occasion. Picking someone up at the bar is challenging, but picking up the bartender is the ultimate win. Now imagine that the bartender wasn’t just a hottie, but also makes adult content on the side. Well, you don’t have to imagine, let us introduce you to Molly Bloom, slutty bartender extraordinaire (btw, she’s a self-proclaimed slut, those are her words, not ours…we just added extraordinaire to it).

Molly Bloom hails from New York where she makes some pretty awesome quarantine content. Molly’s photos and videos range from super sexy shots to her just being goofy and dancing like nobody is around. Molly has a great body and a pretty face. She totally has that girl next door look, but don’t be fooled, she’s as foul mouthed as you would expect from a bartender. We’re not trying to say all bartenders have dirty mouths, but lets me honest, the majority do. The things that come out of Molly’s mouth are fantastic and certainly a turn-on.

From what we can see Molly Bloom sticks to solo photos and videos. She’s not shy about showing off and putting things in all sorts of fun places. When it comes to Molly’s content, really nothing is off limits. Next time you’re out at the bar and see a sexy bartender, first think about Molly and then think, does this girl make adult content on the side. There may just be a chance that she does! Oh, and if you do happen to see Molly at the bar giver her a big tip on us. You can see more of Molly Bloom on Twitter and OnlyFans.

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