Veda Athens Has An Amazing Ass

Veda Athens has an amazing ass, and that’s an undisputable fact. There are many types of asses in the world, everything from small to gigantic, from firm to saggy. If you can imagine any type of ass, it’s probably out there somewhere in the world. People have an infatuation with asses, they’ve become so popular that celebrities have even insured their derrière for millions of dollars. A few fun facts about butts 1) the gluteus maximus is the largest, most powerful muscle in the human body 2) women have bigger butts than men due to their hormones 3) twerking is the most popular “butt” related dance. Now that you’re smarter (or maybe dumber) for knowing these facts about the ass, lets get back to Veda.

As we said, everyone has their own option of what the perfect ass is, and most people have a shapes and sizes that they enjoy. Veda’s ass certainly falls into the amazing category. It’s round, juicy, but yet tight and firm. It’s one of those rare asses that can twerk and have a quarter bounce off of it. As you can see from Veda’s content she knows what she’s working with. Her ass is displayed prominently in many of her pics and videos. Even though we’re gushing over Veda’s ass, the rest of the package is pretty damn sweet as well. Veda has a beautiful face, great smile and a nice pair of perky tits to compliment her ass. If you’re an ass guy or girl, you’re going to fall in love with Veda Athens.

You can find more of Veda Athens and her booty content on Twitter and OnlyFans. We give her our Hot Girl stamp of approval!

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