Classy and Mature Annabelle Millar

If you like your models classy and mature you’re going to fall in love with Annabelle Millar. Annabelle is a model living in the United Kingdom where she gets in all sorts of trouble. She’s an adult content creator and she specializes in girlfriend experiences. If you don’t know what a girlfriend experience is Google it. Now that you know, yes you may be lucky enough to see Annabelle in person.

Annabelle specializes in classy, as an ex-lingerie model she knows how to be sensual and dresses like a lady. When she’s not earing a classy suit or dress you can find her wearing lingerie, and not just any lingerie. As a lingerie model she knows the good stuff. The good stuff includes high-end lingerie made of the highest quality, lace, stockings, garter belts etc. This is not simple lingerie you find at Victoria’s Secret. The high-end lingerie adds to her allure.

As you can see from the photos below Annabelle isn’t only classy, she has a smoking hot body. She keeps herself in excellent shape, all while keeping curves in all the right places. She has big boobs, thick hips and a very healthy ass. There’s more than enough there to keep her girlfriend experiences interesting and entertaining.

If your speed is classy and mature Annabelle Millar is your girl. As we mentioned in the opening it’s easy to fall in love with this beauty and after reading this overview we hope you’ve fallen in love with her. You can learn more about Annabelle Millar, where to find her content and possibly even how to contact her on her website. That’s right, consistent with her persona, Annabelle Millar has a website, she’s keeps it classy!

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